Work at the forefront of knowledge, from the laboratory to the world.

Oberlin is a national leader in educating undergraduate scientists. Our curriculum provides a strong foundation in core disciplines alongside emerging fields such as energy technology, 计算模型, 行为生态学. Students have the opportunity to work directly with faculty on the most important ethical and scientific problems of our time, 从气候变化到人工智能.  


15 课程的途径
100+ 每年实验课
24 奥伯林毕业生属于国家科学院
#1 文理学院培养未来的博士


Research opportunities at Oberlin rival those found in graduate schools, 当教师邀请学生到他们的实验室. 但不像在大学校, 鼓励本科生在研究中发挥核心作用, 经常与教授共同发表他们的发现. 



Melissa Nova '25 works on precision spectroscopy in physics professor Jason Stalnaker’s laboratory.

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奥伯林强调主动学习,帮助所有学生茁壮成长. 无论是帮助写招股说明书还是做习题, our faculty work closely with students so they gain an understanding of key scientific concepts. 

Professor and student talk while pointing at writing on a white board
Two people wearing white coats and gloves talk and look at lab equipment
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我的研究导师的大力支持, Gunnar Kwakye教授, and other mentors within the departments of chemistry and neuroscience, 使我在奥柏林的学术和体验学习与众不同.

Paul Kamitsuka '22,
Barry Goldwater奖学金获得者


在欧柏林,科学不仅仅是观察和测量. It's learning to understand the processes that unfold around us every day. Our students have assisted with scientific fieldwork across the globe in Indonesia, 南非, 日本, 和中美洲. 离校园更近, our students learn from field trips to nearby ecological sites including the Vermillion River Watershed and Lake Erie.


Students in professor Angela Roles' class search for crayfish in nearby Plum Creek.

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Prepare for a medical or health career at Oberlin with the guidance of a dedicated advisor and the support of a collaborative community. Oberlin science majors are accepted into medical school at a rate twice the national average, 多亏了他们出色的科学准备, 强大的文科教育, 积极参与社区服务.


Anna Slebonick, 22岁, 医学预科生物专业,学生运动员, 她整个夏天都在做急救志愿者.

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欧伯林致力于发展纪律, engaged scientists across a wide range of identities and backgrounds. The STRONG program (Science and Technology Research Opportunities for a New Generation) represents 欧柏林大学’s commitment to increasing the diversity of the STEM workforce. We believe that promoting diversity in scholarship yields more relevant and meaningful discoveries.


尼科莱特·米切尔,13岁, Kopo Oromeng ' 17, Marcus Hill ’19 and Shannon Banks ’19 earned top prizes for their research presentations at the National Association of Black Geoscientists annual conference.

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Oberlin students have many opportunities to hone the skill of effective science communication and join the professional community of working scientists. Students regularly co-author papers with faculty mentors and receive generous financial support for conference participation. These experiences help our students land promising first jobs or gain admission to the best medical schools and PhD programs in the sciences.

A student speaks to a small crowd in front of their poster presentation

Students share research with mentors and peers at the annual Undergraduate Research Poster Session.

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Undergraduate research has been a hallmark of the sciences at Oberlin. Working one-on-one with students on important problems is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.


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Each Obie has their own unique pathway through college and beyond. Read a sampling of Oberlin alumni at work in science, technology and engineering.


Four Oberlin computer science majors have accepted jobs from the tech giant while still in their senior year. 塞奇·沃斯19年就是其中之一.



Rochelle van der Merwe, 21岁, 神经科学专业, participated in a special  workshop held at the Carney Center for Computational Brain Science geared toward using 计算模型 to study neural processes and behavior.

Rochelle van der Merwe stands in a hallway wearing a disposable mask


Andrew Santiago '20 manages a rigorous schedule that allows him to take lessons in flute performance while majoring in chemistry and physics. During a summer break he balanced research into aqueous sodium ion batteries with flute practice.



Marcus Hill ’19 was a geology major and promoted the major as a geology student representative. 毕业后, he worked alongside seasoned park rangers helping to run education programs for elementary school students.



心理学 and 环境研究 major Ify Ezimora ’19 pursued research with a number of faculty. She now applies the skills she gained as an undergraduate to her current role as a clinical research assistant at Rhode Island Hospital, 孩之宝儿童医院, 还有米里亚姆医院.



At Oberlin, Gabby Walsh ’18 double majored in biology and biochemistry. Now, she is a postbaccalaureate fellow at the Food and Drug 政府.



阅读更多关于我们的校园资源, from nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to supercomputing clusters.


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Three people in white lab coats sit in chairs facing away from the camera
简·赛德拉克,19岁, 索菲·里昂22岁, and Haodaen Jiang '19 use the 400 MHz Spectrometer in the Instrument Laboratory as part of Professor Matthew Alrod's atmospheric research winter term.
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